外星垃圾  IPSO

法国 France / 5 min / 动画 animation


An alien makes the queue to throw his trash in a galactic landfill. Bored, he decides to go to the nearest planet to get rid of his waste.

蛇祸  The Girl and The Serpent

美国 American / 6 min / 动画 animation


In Eastern China, a serpent lives in the low lying land at the base of a tall mountain. Every year, a young girl is brought to the serpent's den as a sacrificial offering to protect the villagers - until one day, a female warrior challenges him.

一只小苹果 Because of a Little Apple

俄罗斯 Russia / 14 min / 剧情 drama


The film is based on a short story by Anton Chekhov “Because of little apples”.

The action is transferred from the nobleman and the apple garden to these days, to a supermarket. A guy proposes to his girlfriend and, not paying attention to the surveillance cameras, in a merry mood they hide a bottle of cognac into a bag, which gives the shop manager a chance to feel like a nobleman and the boss of the situation and their lives. And for the young couple their meeting with the shop manager becomes a serious trial for their feelings. Will they endure it?

“发光的孩子” 少林小子 “Radiant Child” Little Shaolin Monk

中国 China / 5 min / 纪实 documentary

恒恩,今年4岁,南阳人, 3岁被父母送到少林寺习武,拜在延庸法师门下,在少林寺一年时间学会小洪拳、大洪拳,两套拳法。师傅经常说,每个人都要好好学习文化课,必须做一个文武兼修的人。

Heng En, four years old, Nanyang people, when he was three years old, he was sent to the Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts, embarking on discipleship of Yanyong Master. He had learned Small Hong Boxing and Big Hong Boxing for one year in Shaolin Temple. His master always says everyone must learn cultural courses well and be a civil and military person.

桥 The Bridge at the Brogs’

法国 France / 16 min / 动画 animation


Moving stuff on a wooden bridge over gaseous swamps, sometime having a lunch break at Touille's place : that’s what Brogs do. As long as they can...

筑巢,一部关于两人两鸟的电影 Nest. A Movie about Two People and Two Birds

立陶宛 Lithuania / 15 min / 纪实 documentary

两只鸟失去了鸟巢,它们在两个演员家中发现了一个新的地方。人们给它们起了人类的名字(Bronius和Aura),和它们共享早餐和浓浓的爱,它们成为了这个家庭的孩子。不过,当这两个孩子学会了飞行,就再也没有回到家中。 Alexas和Aušra仍在疑惑“为什么?” 但是他们仍旧生活在自己的“鸟巢”内,等候着寻找自己家的新鸟。

When two birds lost their nest, they found a new one at two Actors home. They were given human names (Bronius and Aura) there were shared breakfast and lots of love, for this family they became as children. But these children learned how to fly and never came back home. Alexas and Aušra is still wondering "why?" but they continue to live in their own "nest" waiting for someone new to find itself in a search of a home.

陈欢曼曼 Out of the Woods

中国 China / 20 min / 剧情 drama


Huan is a girl with male sexual identity. Man is her closest friend for years. Their seemingly tranquil life is brought out of rhythm by Huan’s sudden diagnosis of cancer. Huan, when facing the pressure from her family, chooses to evade passively.Man comes to a decision to be the strength of Huan’s coming of age, supporting her to gently unravel the walls of misapprehension built by her parents.

盒子 The Box

斯洛文尼亚 Slovenia / 12 min / 动画 animation


The Box is full of miserable creatures. One of them doesn't belong there. He's thinking outside the box.

女孩阶层 Girls Section

巴基斯坦 Pakistan / 13 min / 纪实 documentary


In remote northern Pakistan, a quiet revolution is growing. For the first time, girls in the region are challenging tradition for their right to go to school.

情迷巴黎 Paris You Got Me

德国 Germany / 9 min / 剧情 drama


Art may change the inner as well as the external world. That’s how our protagonist Ksenia experiences it. The street artist George lures her into his magic world of art illusions. An artistic dance about the realization of your dreams. Paris, you got me!

梦想 Dreams

印度 India / 10 min / 剧情 drama

本片讲述了一个十二岁的报童迪利普和他想要见到他的英雄A.P.J. 阿卜杜勒·卡拉姆博士的梦想。

Dreams is about Dilip a paper boy of twelve and his dream to meet his hero Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.






咚咚呛 DongDongQiang

北京电影学院 Beijing Film Academy

4 min / 动画 animation


In the early morning, in the cave of the Loess Plateau, the child woke up with a tiger pillow. His dad made a waist drum and gave it to him as a gift. The kid happily held the drum on his bed to play with it. Suddenly, the cloth tiger pillow came to alive, and started a battle with the kid...

春困 Spring Fever

中国传媒大学 Communication University of China

6 min / 动画 animation


A girl fell asleep in a Chinese class and had a wonderful encounter in her dream.Inspiration for this story came from "The Peony Pavilion".

马拉之死The Death of Marat

北京电影学院 Beijing Film Academy

16 min / 剧情 drama


Marla came to a world that had imprisoned the people of social abandonment and aesthetic loss. The rule of the world was not understood by him. Why he liked blue but could only paint green, why did he repeat doing the same things he did not like everyday? He thought hard, and finally he found the way to escape from this world. People and things were the prerequisites to get away from this world: the old man's Tai Chi thought, the female doctor's theory of quantum mechanics, the help of the young man's experiment body, the middle aged woman who provided the key of the right height, and the courage and creativity of Marat. Finally Marat broke through the barrier successfully and reached to the blue world of freedom, the sky, and the land!

我的爷爷奶奶 My Grandparents

中国传媒大学 Communication University of China

20 min / 纪实 documentary


My grandma and grandpa are two old persons of over 80 years old, but they still live in the remote countryside. The documentary tells their stories of acquaintance, accompany, and frustrations and misfortunes. My grandma and grandpa were born in the turbulence in the 1930 s that they are brought together by an ironic marriage. In the later several decades, they experienced the natural disasters and ten chaotic years, but they never gave up letting their 6 children to accept cultural education. They entered into the eighth decade in their lives tough and continued to stay at the homeland of their hometown. In the hope of the love for life as usual and curiosity to the world, they welcomed the spring year after year in the farming.

魏晋壁画墓之农耕 The Mural Tomb about Farming

河西学院 HeXi University

4 min / 动画 animation


The topic is selected from folk culture in Hexi Region as one part of wall painting tombs in the Wei and Jin Dynasties. On the basis of understanding the wall painting tombs in the Wei and Jin Dynasties in details, the scenes of farming in the wall paintings are selected, integrated and adapted, some new plots are formed, and they will be presented well.

从前有座山 The Very Beginning Mind

北京电影学院 Beijing Film Academy

17 min / 剧情 drama


Wang Bing, who used to sing operas for twenty years, is now running the business of trading second-hand appliances. Once he happens to meet an unreliable opera crew and rekindles his passion for the opera stage. Through lots of efforts, he stands on the long lost stage, and yet things are not like what he has imagined.

当你老了Long Time Passing

北京电影学院 Beijing Film Academy

19 min / 纪实 documentary


Everyone is going to get old, and the process of getting old is the only way in life. Have you ever thought about your life when you get old?

伤口是阳光照进内心的地方The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You

北京电影学院 Beijing Film Academy

20 min / 纪实 documentary


Shabir, an 11-year-old boy living in the Afghan capital Kabul, was badly hit physically and mentally by a terrorist attack. In the center of Kabul, the Emergency Hospital receives victims of gunfire, explosions, injuries and deaths every day, and Shabir was one of the casualties. In war zone, people are living in fear, praying day after day for a peaceful life.

变色龙 Chameleons

香港浸会大学 HKBU

20 min / 剧情 drama


Creators’ first-hand experience is crucial to art creation. What if I want to write a murder story.





圣诞老人 VSSanta

西班牙 Spain / 4 min / 动画 animation


On Christmas Eve, a child is alone in a immense apartment when finally receives the expected visit of Santa Claus who comes to his house with the purpose to fulfill his annual task: deliver gifts. Nevertheless, the gift that she wants is not the one that Santa has brought him.

透过她的双眼 Through Her Eyes

德国 Germany / 5 min / 剧情 drama


Due to the loud argument of her parents, Emily lies awake in bed and cannot sleep. In the early morning, she goes into the woods, collects sticks, picks flowers and places them on the two bedside tables of her parents. When their parents wake up and believe that their partner has put the gift on the beside table, they have forgotten their quarrel by the joy of it.

迪迪和布迪-多云天 Didi&Boodi- A Cloudy Day

伊朗 Iran / 8 min / 动画 animation


A broken man called “Didi” has bought a workshop out of a city to begin a new life and a business by himself alone; but at the very step to the new place find out there is a robot, “Boodi” left behind there who would be his home-mate but not, so easy to live with!

拯救波比 Let's Save Bobby

印度 India / 10 min / 动画 animation


Deep inside a jungle in India, a tiger cub is born! Fathered by Bagha, the majestic territorial male, and reared by Ruby, the doting and fearless female, the jungle folk call him Bobby. With tigers under threat and facing the ominous future of extinction, the film takes children into Bobby’s world, in a joy-ride like manner. Bobby’s antics are lovable and his friends –Dingu (baby monkey), Chiu (sunbird), and Sunehari (giant Indian squirrel, Sunehari meaning golden) – add to the fun with their chorus.

美好的一天 One Fine Day

印度 India / 10 min / 剧情 drama


It started as a regular day. A young rag picker was running his usual garbage route when he finds something unexpected. It was a treasure chest that changed the lives of this young boy and his sister in beautiful ways that, from a regular day, it became one fine day.

加依盖的游泳池 Caíque's Pool

巴西 Brazil / 15 min / 剧情 drama


Dreaming of having a pool, Caique and his inseparable friend have fun sliding on the wet and soaped floor of the service area. As he wastes water, Caique ends up creating problems with his mother.

国旗下的演讲 Speech Under the Flag

中国 China / 12 min / 纪实 documentary


At the school gathering on Monday, Ban Jinchu gives a speech under the national flag in front of all teachers and students. For a few minutes, she recalls her suffering in the past. Her parent died during her childhood, and her grandparents are tortured by the Kaschin-Beck disease. As the eldest daughter of the family, she is under the pressure that shall not have at her age.Whereas her leaked and humid house was full of poverty, she is determined to walk out of the mountains and become a teacher, she would like to do something for her hometown in the future.

挑战 Challenge

吉尔吉斯斯坦 Kyrgyzstan / 18 min / 剧情 drama


The story is based on a life of an ordinary Bishkek family-father,mother and a 10 year old son, Belek. Characters live a simple and happy life, enjoying little things, getting upset here and there, making plans for the future. But one day something bad happens which will pose a challenge to every member of the family. Will the characters be able to maintain trust and love for each other? Or can happiness, like crystal vase, be so easily broken by one wrong movement?

穿圆点衬衫的老头 Old Man Oh in a Polka-dot Shirt

俄罗斯 Russia / 4 min / 动画 animation


His main character, though his grandfather, that is, an elderly man, but it does not hurt that he learned the relationship with the surrounding reality. But in nature and biting bees are found, and the evil fire, and much more.

色斑俱乐部 The Stained Club

法国 France / 7 min / 动画 animation


Finn has stains on his skin. One day, he meets a group of cool kids with different stains on their bodies. One day, he understands that these stains aren't just pretty.

爸爸,爸爸  Dad,Daddy

中国 China / 6 min / 动画 animation


The three-year-old daughter's doll was broken, and she wants her dad to fix it, but dad useshis work as an excuse. Dad finds a black-and-white film taken during his childhood, allowing him remembering his childhood. He makes a wooden toy car her as he feels guilty due to negligence for his daughter. He leaves his work and fixs the doll for his daughter.

长途跋涉 15.7 KM

印度尼西亚 Indonesia / 15 min / 剧情 drama


Budi is an elementry student who lives in a remote area in Bangka Island. He walks kilometers to school everyday. Sometimes if his lucky, he would be able to hitchike once people from that area are going to the same direction. Even though he lives in the isolated area, he still doesn’t want to give up on his education. Budi is a portrait of children from remote area in Indonesia who are deprived from standard education facilities.





圣霍斯雪道 Hors Piste

法国 France / 6 min / 动画 animation


The two best rescue workers of the region are ready for their new mission. Despite their professionalism and their determination, it will not go as...

最多十分钟 Ten Minutes Tops

法国 France / 6 min / 剧情 drama


A man and a woman sit at a table together. They have ten minutes to talk and lots of things to say.

祝福你! Bless You!

波兰 Poland / 5 min / 动画 animation


Everyone gets sick of everyone. But things become really bad when you get sick of yourself.

成双成对 2 by 2

土耳其 Turkey / 16 min / 剧情 drama

韩和言是两个有着男子气概的牧羊人,彼此的牧场由一条边界线划分,双方一直互看不顺眼,处处针锋相对。这时,一艘穿越时空而来的太空船坠落并摧毁了他们的边界围栏。 飞船上的人宣布在32分钟后世界将被摧毁,要从每个物种中选择两个最优秀的代表带走。 当诺亚方舟回到了太空,韩和言才明白,他们要活下去,就得想办法骗过这群外星人。

Han and Yan, two macho mountain shepherds whose pastures are divided by a national border, are in the middle of an age long battle of antagonism when a time traveling spaceship crash lands, demolishing their border fence. The ship’s attendant announces that the end of the world will occur in 32 minutes and that the finest representatives of each species should queue '2 by 2'. Noah has returned in his space-ark. It dawns on Han and Yan that their only chance of survival is to work together, come up with a scam and trick their way onboard.

伟大的绿色 The Great Green

西班牙 Spain / 11 min / 动画 animation


A drunk, homeless old man, finds a long and heavy chain buried in the sand of the beach. What will there be at the other end? Maybe a big treasure that will change his luck. With all of his strength, he pulls the chain until it gives way. Astonished, he witness the revelation of a great secret.

加依盖的游泳池 Caíque's Pool

尼泊尔 Nepal / 13 min / 剧情 drama


Set in the late 19th century, in a small village in Nepal, “Mukhiya” the autocratic head of the village commissions a photographer from the city to take the first ever photograph of him and his family, also the first in his lineage. With paintings of his grandfather and father hanging in a wall where both of them put their legs over a prey, Mukhiya also decides to hunt down a wild boar to pose for the photograph he wants to hang alongside the painting. However, hunting down the mighty and impregnable wild boar turns out to be a grueling task for him and his men.

讨厌鬼的难题 The Pervert's Puzzle

印度 India / 16 min / 剧情 drama


When Manu, an obsessive puzzle solver meets Suku - the pervert, little did he know that this would be his biggest and most complicated riddle ever.

我还没长大 Learn to Say Goodbye

中国 China / 17 min / 剧情 drama


The growth path of a "giant baby".

蜘蛛男孩 Spiderboy

意大利 Italy / 14 min / 剧情 drama


“Spiderboy” is a short film that explores how two nine year children are confronted with their first real friendship, love, disappointment and failure. Mattia, a young boy (9), has a birth defect on his face, a red splotch on his cheek which is quite predominant and a young girl Amira (9), a refugee from Eritrea who lost her family when their boat sunk of the coast of Sicily. Both these misfits find strength in each other as they face the difficulties having to socialize with children their own age at school.

傻子黛莎 Dasha the fool

俄罗斯 Russia / 15 min / 剧情 drama


Dasha is happily married and fool enough not to see the ugly truth around her.





外星垃圾  IPSO

瑞士 Switzerland / 7 min / 动画 animation


The story of the first nuclear power plant 100% made in Switzerland… but also the last.

机场 Airport

瑞士 Switzerland / 11 min / 动画 animation